Sunday, January 25, 2004

Asking the only question that counts 

Hi Folks! My name is Reed Thomas and I would like to ask a simple question.
What would Jesus do?
We see it all the time on bracelets, but I would like to take this further and ask what would Jesus do in governing the affairs of our (once great) nation.Certainly our Lord would want us to ask this in all matters of life,great as well as small, right?
So....Are You Ready??? Here Goes!!

Would Jesus consider the United States a Christian nation?
Are the "Christians" in the White House really obeying the Law of the Lord in their policies?
Would Jesus have started the war in Iraq?
Is the war in Iraq a "just war" as taught by the Church that Jesus Christ founded?
Would Jesus support the doctrine of "preemptive war"?
Would Jesus think this war is worth the deaths of hundreds of U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqi citizens all created in His image?
Would Jesus think we have the right to invade any country we choose just because we have the means to?
Would Jesus think we can invade any country because we don't like its leader?
Would Jesus think we have the right to invade any country just because we are scared of terrorism? Did anyone in our government really ask Jesus what He wants us to do about terrorism,and not just the things that dovetail nicely with U.S. business interests?
Does Jesus allow us to bomb people at 30,000 feet and terrorize(there's that word again) them with "shock and awe" just because they are not Christian? Because they might not like us? If they are not Christian, who's fault is that? Have not we as Christians had 1300 years to evangelism the Islamic world? Is Jesus trying to tell us by our failure that fighting wars against them is probably not the best strategy?
Was the whole business of "shock and awe" more worthy of Satan than Jesus Christ?

Enough about Iraq. What about economic policy?
Would Jesus run a $500 Billion deficit to finance current consumption and leave it up to our children to pay up?
Does Jesus support our current system of crony capitalism and all its excesses?
Does Jesus think we are doing enough about homelessness,health care for everyone (especially for children), and economic justice for the working poor?
Would Jesus consider you "pro life" if you supported an unjust war,supported capital punishment, and supported global economic policies that impoverish the vast majority of the world's people for the benefit of Western elites?
Has "Market" become the Baal of the United States? Is "Market" really making us happier and more secure than Our Lord? If not, why are we following "Market" instead of Jesus? Could it be that the great god Market is really enslaving us instead of making us free?

Is Jesus Christ the only true was to freedom? If other things get in the way do we need to ignore them and follow Jesus??

And finally, will I be subject to smears and ad-hominem attacks by simply asking these questions? If I am, will the Lord bless be for it?

Just thought I'd ask.

Thanks for coming... and thanks to my wife, Jeanne Stark I am here 

Thank you Jeannie for getting me started in the blogsphere.

And thanks to her I am now a member of St. Blog's Parish. I don't know if that is good, but I am glad to be here.

Stay tuned folks, as she would say. It is going to get very interesting.

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